Alphabet’s Cybersecurity firm Chronicle Set to Fold into Google Cloud

The parent company of Google—Alphabet Inc. announced that its year-old cybersecurity company, Chronicle, would be consumed by its Google Cloud division.

The move comes more than a year after Alphabet folded its smart home subsidiary Nest back into the Google family.

Stephen Gillett—Chronicle Chief Executive said in a blog post that the malware analysis and security threat investigation tools his unit was pitching to large corporations were complementary to the security tools offered by Google’s cloud computing business.

Customers’ requirements on the forefront of corporate business

He wrote, “Customers from each of our organizations have asked about using these solutions together, and combining our efforts will enable this.” Thus, this mingle is a response to customer requirements who wanted to use an integrated offering.

In March 2019, Chronicle released its first product, Backstory that helps security analysts parse potential threats from anavalanche of alerts. It further helps them to more quickly pinpoint the real vulnerabilities. In a crowded U.S. corporate market of cybersecurity vendors, there are a few existing methods for security teams to knit all of the data from their different products in a unified system.

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