Amazon is reportedly developing an Emotion Reading Wearable

According to reports from Bloomberg, Amazon is said to be working on a wrist-worn, voice-activated device that is supposed to be able to read human emotions. This would be a somewhat new health gadget.

Bloomberg has spoken to a source and studied internal Amazon documents, which reportedly show that the Alexa voice software team and Amazon’s Lab126 hardware division are working on the wearable in development.

Reports states that the wearable device will work in sync with a smartphone app. It is said to have microphones that can discern the wearer’s emotional state from the sound of voice. Bloomberg adds that “eventually the technology could be able to advise the wearer how to interact more effectively with others.”

Lab126 has already been a key player for the Kindle, the Fire Phone, and the Echo speaker that first introduced Alexa to the world. According to a last year report, the group is also developing a home robot.

Amazon is aiming to build out an ecosystem of Alexa-capable devices. The rumored robot will make Alexa more mobile and the alleged emotion-sensing wearable will give the voice assistant access to a whole new dimension of user awareness.

The concept of a gadget that can sense emotions is not too far-fetched, as there are a number of measurable biomarkers that can show states like agitation. However, achieving an accurate, reliable, picture of a person’s emotional state, still seems like a hugely ambitious undertaking.

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