Apple to Open Second Store in Taiwan

Apple has started advertising the opening of its second retail store in Taiwan. The store is located right outside Taipei’s Xinyi A13 shopping mall on a tree-lined plaza. It is a standalone construction that has promotional graphics installed on its temporary hoarding overnight.

The logo on display is a play on the word “Taipei” in Mandarin, with the Apple logo inserted into the first character. The slogan on the frontage says, “Creativity starts here, Apple Xinyi A13.”

From the outside, the building looks like a single-story design, but likely conceals interior staircases leading down to an underground floor. With a thin carbon fiber roof held up by two stone pillars and a curved floor-to-ceiling glass facade, would give it a similarity with Apple’s existing store in Chicago, Michigan.

Far Eastern Group is still constructing the adjacent Xinyi A13 shopping mall and it is expected to open in September. Therefore, there’s a chance that the new Apple store will open to the public around the same time.

The new store is within 15 minutes of walking distance of Apple’s first Taiwan store at Taipei 101 shopping mall in the Xinyi district. The first store was opened in July 2017. Likewise, Apple has reportedly confirmed that the opening of the new store won’t affect the operations of Apple Taipei 101.

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