Are you kidding? Ford Shows-off 900 Horse Power Mustang Lithium


  • Ford unboxed a customized Mustang Lithium with over 900 horsepower at a car show in Las Vegas.
  • The company said, “It’s not for sale, but the customized Mustang is intended to gauge interest in a high-performance electric car.”

Ford didn’t release any specifications or performance figures for the “Mustang Lithium”. The company described the car’s acceleration as “stunning”.

Some Specs of Mustang Lithium

With the automotive parts supplier Webasto, Ford brought a six-speed manual transmission to Mustang Lithium. The transmission is a special heavy-duty transmission engineered to handle the 1,000 foot-pounds of pulling power or torque.

The manual transmission was included “because it puts control of the vehicle back in the driver’s hands,” said Josh Lupu, Director of Marketing for Webasto Customized Solutions. The driver can shift gears or choose to leave the car in third gear all the time to drive it like any normal electric car.

2X Electric Power System than Others

According to Ford, the Mustang Lithium is powered by an 800-volt power system. It is more than double the power of most electric cars on the road today. 

Four Driving Modes

Heat in the Electric car batteries and motors increases under hard use, like racing. Thus, according to Ford, the Mustang Lithium was also created as a way to test heat management systems in an electric car.

The driver can choose from four driving modes, including Sport, Track and Beast. The fourth mode is a Valet mode for when the driver has to hand someone else the key.

Mustang Inspired Electric SUV on its Way

Currently Ford is working on a Mustang-inspired electric SUV. Thus, in the next few months, the company will unveil an electric SUV that customers can buy.

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