Australian Digital Health Agency Partners With Software Companies

The reason is to design world leading software for specialists. According to the reports, the Agency has provided nine specialist software vendors with AU$ 40,000 to complete designs that effortlessly and securely integrate the My Health Record into their existing systems to bring benefits to specialists, like cardiologists or anaesthetists.

In addition to co-produce improvements in design with their users, the Agency will provide design expertise to work with each vendor’s design teams.

The software organisations may work with the Agency, following an open approach to market, and specialists to develop these designs in the upcoming months.

Many specialists are already using My Health Record through software systems they use in public and private hospitals.

Benefits of Partnerships

Having easy access to the My Health Record system in their private clinics will ensure that a more complete picture of a patient is available during specialist consultations and improve continuity across care settings.

Having real-time access will also enable specialists to make more informed decisions about patient care and ultimately enhance patient outcomes.

Specialists play an important role in diagnosing and managing complex health conditions as part of a care team.

This initiative is a positive move forward in this process for so many reasons as it will improve the patient experience. Secondly, it will facilitate in bridging the gap between medical specialists and other healthcare professionals in the end-to-end management of patient information, which will ultimately improve health outcomes for patients.

Australian specialists are forerunners in innovation, whether in clinical techniques, robotics, or medical engineering. According to reports, The Agency Chief Operating Officer stated that part of the challenge is designing solutions that meet the needs of specialists that comprise a hugely diverse group of clinicians.

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