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What is the major purpose of utilizing the cloud in IT?

“Cloud technology has replaced the Capital expenditures (CAPEX) by Operating Expenses (OPEX). It allows organizations to operate at the speed of business and helps them to develop and innovate IT around their business products and services at a much faster pace than traditionally possible,” shares James Phipps, President of BeCloud, LLC.­

James initially started BeCloud as a DataCenter/Hosting business and later evolved into a leading cloud service provider. James states, “Due to the litany of benefits associated with running workloads in the cloud, we now have a strategic focus on moving as much as we can to the cloud and running cloud-native workloads when possible.” James and his team have heavily customized their configurations to fit customer needs while lowering cost, increasing scalability, and efficiency. He adds, “Although some of the tools have changed, our core vision of providing market-leading IT management services that keep our customer operations running smoothly remains unchanged.”

Our vision is backed with client-focus and partnerships

This vision is accomplished by reducing technical limitations, shrinking technical debt and providing dynamic capabilities enabled by cloud technologies. The team of BeCloud is more focused on customer needs. Likewise, to initially understand clients’ requirements, the team of BeCloud interviews stakeholders and reviews their corporate goals. Once they understand the business case, they build solutions that are affordable, efficient, scalable, and secure. James shares, “Our AWS and Microsoft partnerships give us capabilities that are market leading and feature-rich.”

Currently, businesses have specific requirements for data science, containers, extreme security, and 24×7 uptime. The team of BeCloud design a cloud solution where all clients’ conditions can be met utilizing private, public, or hybrid options. Using its core expertise in cloud, BeCloud provides managed services for AWS services running in the cloud including security and cloud watch monitoring. Moreover, the company is a Microsoft Partner specializing in cloud solutions. It has helped customers to transition applications to the cloud on the Microsoft platform including Office 365.

With BeCloud, a new level of secure, anytime access is available for all applications

Digital transformation in the current age is the profound integration of technology in all areas of a business. It results in changes in operation, business models and how value is delivered to end-users. Because digital transformation is a cultural change that requires a combination of innovation, technical and business workflows, many businesses need a knowledgeable partner that can deliver results. Thus, in the customers’ digital transformation journey, BeCloud is that partner, which knows its client needs and provides the knowledge and innovation that will enhance customer experience, operational agility, workforce enablement, and deep technology integration.

To enable user mobility across all locations and devices, BeCloud helps clients to run applications across multiple servers in different geographic locations, providing users a new level of responsive access. Likewise, the use of computing resources based on consumption requirements brings another level of efficiencies to cloud-based applications. In terms of security, applications access and utilization is very secure in the cloud as long as security risks are accounted for during the design and requirements gathering phase.

Reliance on AI, ML, and Software Robotics are our key strengths

Speaking about how the team of BeCloud uses the technologies to support customers, James stated, “To keep our clients satisfied in every way possible, we utilize advanced technologies and keep our MANAGE IT service prices affordable. We harness the power of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and software robots “scripts” to boost our daily tasks. This makes us more affordable, efficient and scalable. Therefore, these efforts greatly improve your organization’s Information Technology Infrastructure by increasing your uptime, reliability, and security.”

We are continuing our journey around modernization

While speaking about how BeCloud keeps pace with industry changes, James explains, “We are continuing to build our consultancy around modernization which includes successful cloud technology utilization. Whether it is helping our customers to setup data lakes, database migrations or building machine-learning models, we help our customers to realize the benefits of the cloud by providing real and measurable ROI. “Our staff achieves this with their high commitment in customer service while maintaining a continual drive for self-improvement through learning,” explains James.

Present investments in learning and development for a better tomorrow

To better support client initiatives and goals, BeCloud is making aggressive investments in learning, implementing, and testing emerging advances in BigData, IoT, AI, and containers. James and his team are relying on more dynamic and customer-focused modern solutions. James said, “We are driving our success journey with a total team effort to advance our knowledge, expertise, and customer focus.”

According to James, to be a successful leader, today’s technologist must be a constant learner. The manual and mundane tasks should be replaced with automation robots so that high-value customer service and solution building can be done by technical teams. James adds, “Make sure your technical teams are focused on providing customer value through knowledge and comprehension, which ultimately improves your organization’s reputation and speeds-up growth.”

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