Canadian Software firm Gets $1.5 Million to Develop Data Hub

A Canadian software company, Quorum Information Technologies Inc. is getting $1.5 million from the federal government to develop a data hub for dealerships and use artificial intelligence (AI) to increase efficiency and revenue at stores across the country.

It’s an interest-free repayable loan from the Atlantic Innovation Fund, a federal program designed to assist organizations develop and commercialize new or improved products or services.

Leveraging XSellerator and AI

Using its XSellerator, a dealership- and customer-management software tool as a foundation, Quorum will build a data hub that integrates information about the customer gleaned from the dealership’s data management system (DMS), the automaker, and other third-party partners. 

Xsellerator automates, integrates and streamlines every process under a dealership’s roof, right from parts orders to warranty claims and works with dealerships from Ford, Chrysler, General Motors and others.

Over a span of two years, Quorum will use the federal funding to build the architecture required to mine the existing DMS information, augment it with information from automakers and use existing AI to build features that will enable dealership staff to easily actionable sales, service and parts leads.

Dan Ichelson, XSellerator’s Vice-President of operations said the data hub project “will focus on revenue generation.”

AI will be utilized to generate customer-specific leads that will be presented to dealership staff within the XSellerator DMS.  

Dan added, “In many cases, dealership staff will be able to automatically allow the system to action the leads.”

Although Quorum’s head office is in Calgary, the organization’s largest office for its XSellerator data management division includes the DMS software development team and call centre. It is located in St. John’s, N.L. That’s the reason of funding is coming from the Atlantic Innovation Fund.

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