Casino’s Franprix Teams up with Cdiscount to Offer 30-Minute Delivery in Paris

Paris-based Casino’s supermarket chain Franprix and its E-commerce unit—‘Cdiscount’ unveiled plans to pool their respective expertise in city center convenience stores and E-commerce to attract more clients and increase sales.

Franprix and Cdiscount plans to offer the delivery within 30 minutes to Paris shoppers’ doors of a selection of food and non-food items from September onwards.

There will also be Cdiscount corners within Franprix stores to offer exclusive household electrical equipment as well as high-tech products and selection of wines.

The partnership comes with Casino’s efforts of selling assets to cut its debts and relieve investors’ concerns over the financial position of both Casino and its parent company— Rallye.

Cdiscount CEO Emmanuel Grenier said, “There is a total complementarity of Cdiscount and Franprix clients for the Casino group.” He added that the deal would help Cdiscount expand its consumer base into the lucrative Paris market.

Casino has decided to uplift profits and cash flow in its core French market. Likewise, it is aiming to generate 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) from the sale of groceries online by 2021, up from 300 million in 2018.

To have better financial results, the company is banking on monetizing customer data, extracting savings from purchasing deals, and having a greater focus on E-commerce, organic food, convenience stores and energy services, as part of that strategy

From its network of 900 stores, Franprix made 1.6 billion euros of sales last year, while Cdiscount which is France’s second-largest e-commerce retailer after Amazon, had sales of 1.9 billion euros.

Casino has also recently strengthened its ties with E-commerce giant Amazon.

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