Cisco and Teridion Joins hands to Deliver Faster Enterprise Software

Cisco partnered with Teridion to deliver faster enterprise software-defined WAN services.

The partnership links Cisco Meraki MX Security/SD-WAN appliances and its Auto VPN technology which lets users swiftly bring up and configure secure sessions between branches and data centers with Teridion’s cloud-based WAN service.

Teridion’s service promises customers improved performance and control over traffic running from remote offices over the public internet to the data center.

Teridion calls the service as “Curated Routing” which fuses WAN acceleration techniques with route optimization to speed traffic.

Teridion says its WAN service can accelerate TCP-based applications like file transfers, backups and page loads as much as three to five times.

Teridion stated, “(The service) improves network performance for UDP based applications like voice, video, RDP, and VDI. Enterprises can get carrier grade performance over broadband and dedicated internet access. Depending on the locations of the sites, [customers] can expect to see a 15 to 30 percent reduction in latency. That’s the difference between a great quality video conference and an unworkable, choppy mess.”

And further added, “Customers create locations in the Teridion portal and apply the preconfigured Meraki template to them, or just upload a csv file if you have a lot of locations. Then, from each Meraki MX, create a 3rd party IPSec tunnel to the Teridion edge IP addresses that are generated as part of the Teridion configuration.”

Raviv Levi, Director of Product Management at Cisco Meraki said in a statement, “The combined Cisco Meraki and Teridion offering brings SD-WAN and security capabilities at the WAN edge that are tightly integrated with a WAN service delivered over cost-effective broadband or dedicated Internet access.” He further added, “This brings better reliability and consistency to the enterprise WAN across multiple sites, as well as high performance access to all SaaS applications and cloud workloads.”

Meraki’s MX family supports everything from SD-WAN and Wi-Fi features to next-generation firewall and intrusion prevention in a sole package.   

IDC believes that 67% of firms use convetional indicators to measure digital success in this transformative era.

Cisco Meraki isn’t the only SD-WAN service that Teridion supports.

The company also has agreements with Citrix, Silver Peak, VMware (VeloCloud).

Similarly, it holds partnerships with over 25 cloud partners, including Google, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

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