Cloud firm Vend Moves forward to Creating Jobs in Auckland

Auckland technology company Vend said that it will create 54 new jobs in Auckland by March and another 71 overseas to meet booming demand for its cloud-based point-of-sale software.

Founded in 2010 with the goal to provide service to the retail sector, Vand’s software is currently used in about 25,000 stores around the world.

Chief Executive Alex Fala said, “Vend had identified a previously untapped channel to market in North America via payment processors and resellers that was putting it in a strong position in the market.” He added, “The sheer size of the North American independent retailer market and the opportunity to reach them through Vend’s partner-led approach to technology, is massive.”

He further said, “We’ve tested the US market and we’re confident that our best-in-class point-of-sale software, combined with our open ecosystem, sets us apart from the competition.”

Vend’s Founder, Vaughan Fergusson remains one of the company’s largest shareholders.

Its chief people officer Shirvani Mudaly stated that in the context of a slowing global and New Zealand economy, Vend was bucking the trend by hiring the extra 125 workers to add to its existing workforce of 300.

The company raised $13 million from investors in 2016 and another $10m last year but Fala said it had no plans to list in the near future.

About 40 of the Auckland hires would be for Vend’s product and engineering team.

Fala stated that Vend was looking for developers with different levels of experience.

He added, “We are seeing great graduates come through, but also we want some experience as well so we have got people who can lead teams and mentor graduates and develop them.”

According to spokeswoman Joanne Fullam, Vend would definitely be hiring two permanent graduates and two interns.

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