Dental AI Startup Pearl Raises $11 Million

Pearl, a California-based dental AI startup announced that it has raised $11 million in series A funding led by Craft Ventures and an unnamed strategic dental industry partners.

CEO Ophir Tanz, said, “Pearl will have an immediate positive impact on the dental category”. He added, “It will streamline tedious, repetitive tasks, enhance profitability across dentistry, and, most importantly, it will improve the standard of care by validating diagnoses, removing large elements of uncertainty from the dental equation.”

Pearl offers a trio of tools that address different dental domains.

It is worth noting that Pearl isn’t the one in its AI-forward approach to dental analysis. Its rival Canadian company—Orca AI similarly offers dental imaging solutions augmented with AI, as does Dent.AI, which develops products it claims report upwards of 40% of undiagnosed dental conditions.

But Pearl intends to expand. According to Tanz, in the coming future, Pearl will test and deploy computed tomography, panoramic, intraoral, and cephalometric scans at DSO groups and universities. Similarly, in its next growth phase, the company will construct systems that feed doctors’ notes in the dental record to rank the seriousness of identified pathologies. Likewise, Pearl will incorporate new research to flag early indicators of disease and tie oral health to full-body health and vice versa.

Tanz concluded, “Healthcare is rapidly becoming a focal point of the AI revolution and AI’s impact — on patient care and, ultimately, humanity — is both exciting and profound”. He further added, “We’re in the thick of it and that feels good.”

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