Ember Project 3.15 “Octane” Release Targets Major Changes and Bug Fixes


  • Ember Project 3.15 also marks the official release of the Octane edition, which is Ember’s first edition release.
  • Octane edition brings modern features like native ES classes, decorators, the new Glimmer component API, and a new approach to state management called tracked properties.

Here are some of the prominent changes in Ember.js 3.15

Deprecations are added to Ember.js at the time when an API will be removed at a later date. Each deprecation has an entry in the deprecation guide that describes the migration path to a more stable API. Deprecated public APIs are not removed until a major release of the framework.

If the user would like to upgrade your application without immediately addressing deprecations, they can consider using the ember-cli-deprecation-workflow addon.

Ember Data

Ember Data is an official data persistence library for Ember.js applications.

There were two new features and no deprecations for EmberData v.3.15.0.

  1. Identifiers:

Identifiers provides infrastructure for handling identity within ember-data to satisfy the requirements around improved caching, replication, serializability, and handling of remote data.

  1. Inspector Support is now optional in production:

EmberData ships with a DataAdapter which provides the necessary support for the data panel in the Ember Inspector. The package adds approx .6 KB when minified and compressed to your application in production. However, you can now opt out of shipping this addon in production via options in ember-cli-build.js

Ember CLI

Ember CLI (command line interface) is used for managing and packaging Ember.js applications.

The Octane edition of Ember brings some noteworthy changes in ember-cli. The @glimmer/component@1.0.0 package was added as a dev dependency for both apps and addons and Octane-related optional features were enabled. Likewise, all packages were updated to their latest version in the application blueprint, and ember-template-lint was updated to use the octane edition preset.

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