Facebook Brings New Video Tools and Scheduled Posts on Instagram

Facebook at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam has announced some new features regarding its video capabilities. Publishers can now enjoy more tools to use with Facebook’s Watch Party and Creator Studio, including detailed analytics, and much anticipated scheduled posts for Instagram/IGTV.

In the case of Live Videos, the company will expand the features available to Facebook Pages to encourage live broadcasting by professionals on its social network. It will be far easier to simulate and test broadcasts with Live API. This can now be restricted to that page’s team, including administrators and editors. Live Videos will also be available for Facebook Lite users.

Trim it, broadcast it

Likewise, there is more interaction available to users that allows new varieties of live shows. After completing the broadcast, users can trim the start and end to publish it as a regular video on Facebook. Length of Live Videos can be from 4 to 8 hours. 

The company aims to bring far more live content, featuring sports, news, and gaming. Using its Live API, Publishers can also rebroadcast their content simultaneously with other platforms.

Moreover, it will be possible to schedule a party on Facebook’s Watch Party and there will be an option of video “replays” for all the content available. 

Therefore, users can watch Party’s video even after it’s finished and companies can tag branded contents for its business partners. 

Facebook is also adding two new metrics to Creator Studio for page administrators, which enables metrics of how many watched at least 60 seconds of a Party video.

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