Facebook May Start Working on OS that will be a Rival of Google’s Android


  • Social media giant, Facebook is in the talks on making a new operating system for its platform to reduce its dependency on Google’s Android operating system (OS)
  • Facebook is attempting to take control of all of its hardware and software so that it doesn’t need to rely on any external company for sources.
  • This new OS development program may be led by Microsoft veteran Mark Locuvsky along with Windows NT operating system.

Currently, Facebook’s portal and Oculus devices are running on modified versions of Android. It may possible that the future hardware sets of Facebook will be running on its own operating system which can reduce the involvement of Google over Facebook’s hardware.

According to the Facebook’s head of hardware, the social media platform is trying to make the next generation space for themselves. Therefore, they are going to do everything themselves instead of relying on external software associated companies.

Likewise, some reports suggest that Facebook is also working on some new brain-controlled interface for its VR glasses which can enable the users to control the glasses with their thoughts.

Apple and Facebook Clash over AR and VR

It seems that Facebook is expected to take a similar approach with Apple’s hardware in the future including the development of its own OS.According to Facebook’s augmented and virtual-reality Vice President Bosworth, this augmented reality glasses codenamed ‘Orion’ is expected to be launched in early 2023, the same year Apple is expected to launch its pair of AR glasses.

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