Google Enters into A Definitive Agreement to Acquire Elastifile

After taking command at Google Cloud last fall, Thomas Kurian has rapidly pursued acquisitions to help differentiate its services as customers roll out their multi-cloud strategies.

Kurian said the acquisition is expected to close by the end of the year.

Kurian noted that along with providing consistent file storage, developers are utilizing tools such as the Kubernetes cluster orchestrator, which require robust file storage for stateful workloads requiring backup storage.

In a blog post announcing the Elastafile acquisition, Kurian noted, “As these critical applications migrate to the cloud, IT teams need simple, natively compatible storage options along with the features and performance to support them,” 

Started in 2013, Elastafile rose from stealth mode in 2017 with a “cross-cloud data fabric” targeting the migration of workloads to the cloud. Elastifile’s Cloud File System, a flash-native, software-defined platform, is designed to facilitate users to move data and applications readily between on- and off-premises environments to offer, in its words, “hyperscale efficiency to enterprises and cloud service providers.”

Google Cloud CEO, Kurian said the addition of Elastifile’s system would help accelerate the migration of traditional workloads to Google Cloud while simplifying scaling and management of big data and computing-intensive workloads such as machine learning.

The combination would also enable Google customers “to build industry-specific, high performance applications that need petabyte-scale file storage more quickly and easily,” Kurian added.

Earlier this year, Elastifile launched a file service on Google Cloud as a managed service. The new service has attracted several large customers, which are currently in the process of moving applications to the cloud.

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