Banned from US, Huawei is in Talks with US Telecoms for 5G

After being blacklisted from US, Chinese smartphone and telecom network giant—Huawei is reportedly in early-stage talks with some US telecom companies.

A Huawei executive told Reuters that the company is in talks with US telecoms about licensing its 5G technology to them. 

Since 2009, Huawei has invested billions on developing 5G technology. Therefore at present, the Chinese tech-dragon and the world’s largest telecoms equipment provider is extensively spreading its wings with 5G network technology.

However, Huawei was placed on a U.S. blacklist over national security concerns, banning it from buying American-made parts without a special license.

The U.S. government claimed that Huawei equipment could be used to spy on customers. 

Huawei has repeatedly denied the claim, but the ban has slowed down its move towards expanding its 5G network.

Huawei’s Long Term 5G Deals on the Way?

Senior Vice President and Board Director of Huawei, Vincent Pang, “There are some companies talking to us, but it would take a long journey to really finalize everything”. He added, “They have shown interest, while stating that the conversations are only a couple of weeks old and not at a detailed level yet.

Likewise, Pang also mentioned that some firms had expressed interest in a long-term deal or a one-off transfer, declining to name or quantify the companies.

Additionally, Pang refused to predict that any deal might be signed in the coming days. Nonetheless, on the path of grabbing the big pie of 5G share, a couple of deals with US telecoms may be beneficial for Huawei.

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