Microsoft Word’s new AI Feature will improve your Writing beyond Grammar

Reportedly, Microsoft Word’s new artificial intelligence feature, Ideas will suggest rewrites for clunky sentences

It will help users to plan different parts of a document, like tables, and will suggest synonyms and alternative phrases to make writing more concise.

The AI-based feature was announced at Microsoft’s Build developer conference in Seattle.

Ideas will be available for Word online and in addition to catching basic errors, it can recommend rewriting phrases to enhance concision, clarity, and inclusiveness. Your report might be more to-the-point without requiring quite so much proofreading.

A test version of Ideas will go live in June and it will be widely available in the autumn.

In its blogpost to explain the changes, Microsoft said: “Writing requires a dash of uniquely human creativity. Artificial intelligence alone cannot do it for us, at least not very well. But AI can – and already is – helping us do things like make sure we spell words correctly and use correct grammar. As the AI in these products is becoming more sophisticated, they are helping us do more than spot a miss-spelled word.”

Recently, Microsoft’s rival Google announced its own AI-based writing tool for Google Docs, which it promised would be more than just a grammar-checker and can detect nuances in language.

Writer and AI expert Calum Chace, “It began with predictive text and the next evolution will be making changes to sentences, then entire paragraphs.” He added, “The more AI can take the low-level composing work off the shoulders of journalists and other writers, the better, but I don’t think that AI will replace human creativity.”

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