Nimble: A Modern CRM, Assisting Businesses with Unified and Simplified Data

“Figure out your passion, build a plan and make it your purpose on a daily basis,” says Jon Ferrara, Founder and CEO of Nimble.

Established in 2009, Nimble is a new-age CRM built for modern business tools like Office 365 and G Suite. According to Jon, good CRM should automatically and consistently build itself from the data that the user is interacting with. CRM solutions should assist users to measure and manage the relationships with their prospects and customers while enabling them to track the interactions at the same time.

 A CRM should stand for Customer Relationship Management, but…

“I think, a CRM should stand for Customer Relationship Management. But, in the current corporate world, it stands for Customer Reporting Management. Thus, we invented Nimble to change that. We put the “R” back in CRM—to bring the focus on relationships, to empower the customer-facing team members to engage more effectively because that’s what will help grow your business,” shares Jon.

The invention of Nimble wasn’t a sudden decision. Prior to establishing Nimble, Jon Co-founded GoldMine— an award-winning Customer Relationship Management tool. In 1989, when there was no Outlook or Salesforce, GoldMine assisted the users with a unified interface, where all their customer contacts and history of interactions were stored. Nimble is the next step of GoldMine. Nimble CRM precisely focuses on modern business tools and gathers the customers’ data from various platforms. Thus, it started more than a decade ago when Jon and his team clearly understood the need for a comprehensive solution that will help businesses to access their contact records and history of interactions with their customers.

Jon adds, “When you go to a contact, in any of those siloes places like Office 365 or G Suite, you have no idea who the individuals are or what their businesses are about or the interactions that you or your team has had with them.” This is where Nimble comes to the picture. It gathers all your contacts, calendars and communications from Office 365 or G Suite as well as from social and other sales, marketing, customer service, and accounting programs. This helps users to access the simplified contacts and interaction data wherever they’re working.

One of the reasons for starting Nimble was the changing social media and…

Nimble was started when people were not using platforms like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn for business. However, the decreasing use of APIs and the rise of new business tools indicated the change wave. Understanding the shifting scenario, the team of Nimble moved their focus from APIs and began to build integrations for newly established and growing platforms like Office 365 and G Suite. They designed Nimble to automatically combine contacts, social media connections, communications, inboxes, and calendar appointments with over 160 apps and CRMs into one integrated relationship manager.

The Founder shares, “One of the reasons why I started Nimble was because I saw that social media was going to change the way we buy and sell. We started to build integrations with Microsoft and develop relationships with key people that helped us gain access to Microsoft’s programs.”

We try to hire smart people that have big hearts

Behind every successful company, there are people who work dedicatedly and uplift its capabilities. In case of Nimble CRM, the continual efforts of Jon and his team helped them to fight the challenges and reform with the change. Soon the positive outcomes started coming to the surface. Recently, Nimble has marked another achievement in its portfolio as the company has signed a global agreement with Microsoft.

Jon states, “Team is critical to your business success and that you should always hire on culture first. Thus, I always tried to hire amazing human beings that resonated with me, that I felt were people that wanted to grow and learn and were interested in helping others.” To date, many of the Nimble employees have completed more than 5 years and some of them have worked longer than 10 years. “We try to hire smart people that have big hearts and great souls and a strong desire to learn and help other people to learn and grow,” shares Jon.

Listen to your customers and iterate with them

When it comes to understanding customers and fulfilling their requirements, the team of Nimble has adopted a customer-oriented approach. They focus on what customers want and help them with the best possible solution. Jon says, “We try to listen to what our customers need to do and build a product that does that and stay clear about what we do to keep our promises. I think that if you truly listen to your customers and iterate with them, they will help you steer your product to where it needs to be.” Thus, keeping up with changing scenario, the team of Nimble is continuing their journey towards meeting customer requirements.

To be successful, you should first start with a plan and…

Finally, when asked the CEO of Nimble to share his thoughts on how a person can be successful and achieve desired goals, Jon said, “I boil it down to what I call the three Ps of life. Passion, Plan, and Purpose. If you can figure out what your passion is, build a plan to achieve it and then make it your purpose daily, you could build a GoldMine and achieve magic in this life. I know, I did it. A lot of it was derived from a book I read called “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. In this book, he describes this whole process.”

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