Qualcomm gets another $4 Billion from Apple for 5G iPhones


  • Recently, smartphone chip giant Qualcomm Inc. announced that its settlement with Apple Inc that led to a $4.7 billion licensing fee.
  • Qualcomm and Apple have collaborated on developing 5G connectivity for the upcoming iPhones. 

Likewise, some recent reports suggest that Qualcomm may earn an additional $4 billion from Apple by the end of the fiscal year 2022. 

According to Tal Liani, an Analyst of Bank of America, Qualcomm set to earn $4 billion from Apple in the next three years.

Qualcomm has invested heavily in researching and developing the next-generation 5G cellular network.

As the 5G will arrive in North America and Europe over the course of the next few years, the company expects that more than 750 million 5G handsets will be shipped globally in 2022. These shipments will be mainly driven by demand in China and middle-tier devices.

Moreover, tough competition from MediaTek is also one of the reasons behind Qualcomm’s fast developments in 5G technology.

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