Sompo Holdings and Vymo Partner over AI-based Sales Coaching


  • Sompo Holdings is one of Asia’s largest insurance groups.
  • It has a global footprint of 80,000 employees in 228 cities across 30 countries.
  • US-based Vymo specializes in customer relationship management (CRM).

Sompo Holdings and its subsidiary, Sompo Himawari Life, are teaming up with US-based firm Vymo on a project that will leverage contextual intelligence and AI-enabled proactive sales coaching to improve the productivity of Sompo’s field sales teams. 

The AI-enabled solution being developed is a mobile-first sales concept. 

According to Vymo, the AI-based sales coaching solution will allow insurance agents to spend less time updating CRM systems and dedicate more time to building relationships with customers.

It will help in automatically logging sales activities, such as calls, through dialer integrations, emails via client-integrations and meetings though geo-intelligence. 

The solution will also allow the company to learn from the top-performing sales agents on, what to do next, when to engage a customer, which leads to prioritize, etc. Likewise, coaching will contextually improve outcomes and help grow revenues across various types of businesses.

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