The Rise of Health Information Technology in the Healthcare Sector of India

Healthcare industry is one of India’s largest sectors both in terms of revenue and employment.

On the parallel side, information technology has engulfed most of the industries including the ever-evolving healthcare sector. IT is empowering the growth of healthcare sector right from design, development, creation, use, to the maintenance of information systems. 

The automation of documentation tasks is simplifying the time-consuming procedures and improving the traditional Indian healthcare sector to a larger extent.

Moreover, to achieve quality improvement in the healthcare sector of India, there is a sheer need for health information management which includes tools that automate time consuming tasks.

These innovative and reliable Health Information Technology (HIT) products are rising in the Indian healthcare industry and helping to streamline care delivery while improving quality of care.

HIT in Health Information Management

The prime objective of simplifying and revolutionizing the conventional healthcare procedures is to eliminate the excessive processes that hinder the essential interaction between doctors and patients.

In heavily populated countries like India, maintaining patient records is a real time-consuming work. In such countries, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) & Electronic Health Records (EHR) are enabling healthcare institutions to seamlessly save records without investing much time, and thereby helping physicians to focus on patient care.

With EMR and EHR, healthcare organizations can digitize patient histories and charts while maintaining accuracy and timely access to critical medical information. Similarly, Medical Practice Management System (PMS) helps clinicians to effectively handle their clinical as well as administrative aspects during their practices. These systems empower healthcare solution providers to invest more time on patients, resulting in better productivity and increased efficiency.

Advantages of IT Solutions in the Healthcare Sector

Proper application of HITs like EMR, EHR, and PMS improve data sharing and communication. Healthcare organizations can use these technologies to access a comprehensive view of every patient’s medical data, which helps them to have a clear understanding of patients’ needs. However, there are some prerequisites that can further upgrade the usage of HITs and improve the quality of care to a large extent.

Workflow and Process Optimization

These high-performance IT tools should be considered to facilitate easy tracking and extraction of data. To fully utilize the potential of HIT products, the healthcare institutions should practice optimization of workflows and processes that incorporate efficient use of patient data. At initial stage, prior to implementation of IT products like EMR and EHR, a clear understanding of workflow and process has a huge importance. Such understanding of workflow enables healthcare institutions to choose the right IT solution depending on their customer’s interest. 

health data

Culture Formulation

A culture with a strong commitment towards health information technology and quality improvement greatly assist the team to build necessary skills, processes, and workflows. It helps the company assets to prepare for new upgrades. Furthermore, a continuous improvement approach can also help healthcare firms to embrace the improvements effectively.

In conclusion, the fast-growing countries like India demand a comprehensive deployment of healthcare IT. The information technology is reshaping the healthcare sector in every way possible.  Likewise, the success of the healthcare industry highly depends upon the quality of care and its price point. Therefore, healthcare firms in India have started realizing the need for improving quality of care. However, the aforementioned products come at a high price tag and require intuitive training and hands-on experience. Thus, considering the rising population, poverty, demand, and price factor, the healthcare institutions in India are taking innovative steps to tackle these problems with in-house software development products. Such home-grown initiatives are enabling the sector to rise forward with Information Technology and build a healthy tomorrow. 

– Written and Developed by Mayur Shewale

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