6 Things You can do on World Animal Day

4th October is celebrated as the World Animal Day to support and conserve the living animals around the world.

On 24th March 1925, a passionate animal rights advocate—Heinrich Zimmermann organized the first-ever World Animal Day to empower the protection of all animals, domestic as well as wild. 

In-fact, the day was scheduled on 4th October but due to some unavailability of the venue, it was organized on 24th March. The event was held at Sports Palace in Berlin, Germany.

Later, from 1929, the World Animal Day is moved to 4th October.

The animals around the world are as crucial as humans. The famous French poet, Anatole France says, “Until one has loved animals, a part one’s soul remains un-awakened.”

However, for centuries, humans have greatly compromised the lives of numerous animals over small fortunes.

Many people are still unaware of the vital role of animals on maintaining a proper balance on the planet earth.

Therefore, on this auspicious occasion of World Animal Day, I bring you some things you can do to support the welfare of animals around the globe.

Create World Animal Day Posters

This is the time to awake your craftsman and create some informative posters showing the importance of animals for maintaining the habitat. Animals are the part of our food chain and help to maintain the balance.

Time to Take Selfies for Them

One can take selfies with their own curated posters and share them on social media to support the cause.

In the age of digital media, photos speak much louder. You can also add hashtags like #worldanimalday #isupportanimals #animalwelfare #loveanimals #saveanimals, etc.

Attending the Nearby Events Can Be a Better Idea

There are lots of non-profit event organizers who organize events for social causes. A simple search on Google will help you to find the nearby events for World Animal Day. 

Didn’t find anything? 

You can try organizing by yourself. A couple of handmade posters with your friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. can make a big difference. 

Donating May Save their Lives

In these days of digital payments, making donations hardly take 5 minutes. One can donate some amount to the organizations that work for animal welfare. Celebrities like Jackie Chan are taking a stand to support endangered species like Pandas. Thus, people can contact the concerned organizations to help such animals.

Make them your Family Member

Adopting a shelter animal means saving a life from the unfortunate disasters outside. Adopt it, feed it, love it and it will love you 3000!

This is Not the Stop Yet

The World Animal Day should be celebrated throughout the year. A single day celebration is not enough. Though it makes a significant difference, a continual work for a year will definitely bring a positive change. After all, the satisfaction of saving their lives and protecting their welfare is priceless.

Written and Developed by Mayur Shewale

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