Vodafone Migrates its Data Analytics Platform to Google Cloud


  • Vodafone is all to build AI analytics platform on Google Cloud
  • The move will allow the operator to benefit from more detailed, rapid insights that will optimize its customer service and networks.

Vodafone Neuron

Google and Vodafone will work together on the creation of Vodafone Neuron. It is a custom real-time data analytics platform that gathers data from more than 600 servers in 11 countries into a single repository.

Vodafone’s data platform is currently hosted on legacy Hadoop architecture.

According to Vodafone, Neuron will help the company to make more informed decisions and take automated actions that enhance levels of service, reduce costs, and increase revenues.

For instance, Neuron could automatically assign more capacity in busy parts of the network, support Vodafone’s 5G service. 

Simon Harris, Group Head of Big Data Delivery at Vodafone said, “Neuron serves as the foundation for Vodafone’s data ocean and the brains of our business as we transform ourselves into a digital tech company.” He further added, “Not only will we be able to gain real-time analytics capabilities across Vodafone products and services, it will also allow us to arrive at insights faster, which can then be used to offer more personalized product offerings to customers and to raise the bar on service.”

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