What can I do with a degree in biology?

The rapid advancements and research in Biology have made the subject as one of the broadest and most important subjects in the world. Biology is the study of life, which comprises everything from the molecular study of life processes to the study of animal and plant communities. Students with a passion to pursue the career in biology need to have additional characteristics such as physical fitness (for long hours of working), being systematic, focused thinking, team spirit (for working with a team of research associates), patience (long hours of observations), and basic documentation and computer literacy.

Biology graduates from universities in the USA have a number of future opportunities as they can go for further education in Masters or Ph.D. programs in the USA or abroad with jobs in various industries like,

  • Heath care
  • Environment conservation
  • Education
  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceuticals

Furthermore, you can earn good money with following job roles after graduation in Biology:

  • Biologist:

Work: Study of organisms, conducting research and experiments, lab work, field work etc. depending on specialization, for instance, plant biologist and environment biologist are often in the field.

Educational Qualification: A bachelor’s degree in biology, but to earn a big-time salary, pursuing a Master’s or a Ph.D. is advisable.

Salary: $77,190 per year

  • Food Scientist:

Work: Food research, food quality assurance, food storage, and production

Educational Qualification: A bachelor’s degree in biology, microbiology, or a related field is suitable for entry level, but specialized degrees are expected for mid-career and senior jobs.

Salary: $62,470 per year

  • Forensic Scientist:

Work: Criminal investigations, evidence analyzing, and laboratory analysis.

Educational Qualification: With a bachelor’s degree in biology, on-the-job training is beneficial field work.

Salary: $56,320 per year

  • Zoologist:

Work: Study of animal behavior and their interaction with natural habitat.

Educational Qualification: A bachelor’s degree for entry-level positions, but the experience of scientific investigation will add further benefits to the salary.

Salary: $59,680 per year

  • Microbiologist:

Work: Conducting scientific experiments and analyzing results on bacteria, viruses, algae, fungi, and parasites. Study of their growth and environment interaction.

Educational Qualification: Your bachelor’s degree in biology or microbiology will help you to break into the field, but a Ph.D. is essential to carry out independent research or to work at a university.

Salary: $67,550 per year

The list of top states offering best-in-class salaries for biology graduates:

  • Maryland
  • Idaho
  • Washington
  • Tennessee
  • Mississippi

Online biology degrees and courses:

In case of long distance and unavailability of financial resources, you can also get an online biology degree program from reputed institutes. The online biology degree programs range from two-year associate degrees to advanced graduate degrees. A 4-year online degree program with biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics as core subjects, prepares students for careers in a wide range of both subject-related and non-subject related fields. Furthermore, you can pursue the online associate degrees including Biotechnology, Human Biology, Integrative Biology, Pre-Medicine, and Pre-Professional Specializations, etc.

Some of the popular certificate courses for biology graduates and students to enhance their existing knowledge about biology are: Systems Biology and Biotechnology, Introduction to Genetics and Evolution, Introduction to Forensic, Paleontology, Microbiome Study, and the list goes on.

With such comprehensive courses and future job scope in biology, you will develop a variety of practical and technical skills and learn how to use specialist techniques and technical equipment, which works as an additional supplement to subject-specific knowledge.

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