Will HMD Global Revive the Legendary “Nokia N9?”

Power-packed with an AMOLED All-touch display, Glance screen, NFC, and lots of amazing features, Nokia N9 was way ahead of time than one can imagine. These are some of the top features that today’s leading smartphones support. However, 8 years ago, Nokia N9 had it all!!

Mind-blowing Features of Nokia N9

The amazing Nokia N9 was the first phone to sport 64GB of built-in storage packed in an eMMC chip. The iPhone 4S came later to match a few months later, but it was low on RAM. The Nokia N9 had 1GB of RAM, which was twice as much as the 4S.

8 years ago, when smartphones barely came with LCD display, Nokia N9 had an AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass. It had a tall aspect ratio (16:9). The UI was completely gesture-based. 

Scrapping MeeGo scrapped Nokia’s future

Nokia N9 has a smooth OS called MeeGo, which was based on Symbian and Linux. However, the company discontinued the OS to focus on its upcoming Lumia line powered by Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS. This was the start of Nokia’s fall in the mobile phone industry.

Now as HMD Global brought back the Nokia mobile phones in 2019, might it be time for the N9 to rise again?

Nokia N9 Spotted at CES 2019 

Recently, at CES 2019, Nokia N9 was seen at the Google’s booth between Kai OS-based Nokia 8110 banana phone and Jio phone.

Thus, the upcoming Nokia N9 may be based on Kai OS with in-built Google Assistant. I hope that people will soon get the good news about N9’s revival.

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