About Us

The CorporateToday Story Begins

Everything we do is about you. We go to work hoping to do two things; share great stories of the remarkable companies around the world and help make the world a little better.

We are the CorporateToday Magazine!

Kickstarting the journey in India, our focus is on the world. The CorporateToday Magazine is dedicated to feature the organizations that are disrupting the industries using their services, products, and solutions. India! This is where all these stories will be made and showcased. World’s fastest growing economy and one of the World’s Largest economies, India is a land of versatility.

It is a home of 1.3 Billion People who are ready to embrace change. Right from 2G to 4G network, from keypad phones to the 10 million iPhone users, India has become a prime location for imports and exports of technology, services, gadgets and numerous other services.

But, some companies are taking advantage of this freedom and are providing low-quality services, products and solutions.

To cater to these issues, The CorporateToday is taking a stand to search and empower impeccable service providers and let our people know what it takes to build a quality offering.

The CorporateToday Mission Our mission: to inspire and encourage the corporate spirit – one company, one story, and one focus at a time.

The CorporateToday Vision We aim to be the central nervous system where people will reach us to reach the “Top” companies in the world! We don’t refer Top as the largest companies; it means the organizations that are commited to provide highest quality offerings. Our featured companies will be the ones who stand out from the crowd and don’t compromise “Quality” over “Profits.”